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Advancing Welding Technology-- The most widely used of welding processes, has matured and changed greatly over the years. Recent refinements include microprocessor-controlled power sources, new processes such as variable polarity plasma and pulsed gas metal welding and applications to new materials.
Industry needs further advancements to keep up with rising product performance expectations and competitive pressures from changing markets. Improvements are needed in quality, productivity, product life, and repair costs.
Arc Welding Equipment Warranties

Now there's a warranty that works as hard as you do. Miller's True Blue™. True Blue™ is the no-hassle warranty, backed by the same high level of service we've always offered on warranty work. Coverage includes:

5 Years - Parts / 3 Years - Labor

  • Original Main Power Rectifiers 
3 Years - Parts & Labor
  • Transformer/Rectifier Power Sources
  • Plasma Power Sources
  • Robots
  • Wire Feeders
  • Automatic Controls 
2 Years- Parts & Labor
  • Engine Driven Welding Generators Note: Engines are warranted separately by the engine manufacturer.
1 Year- Parts & Labor
  • Grids & Loadbanks
  • Motor Driven Guns
  • Process Controls
  • Water Coolant Systems
  • HF Units
  • Running Gear/Trailers
  • Spotwelders
  • SDX Transformers
  • Field Options 

  • Note: Field options are covered for the remaining warranty period of the product they are installed in, or for one year - whichever is greater. 
90 Days - Parts & Labor
  • MIG Guns
  • TIG Torches
  • Plasma Torches
  • Remote Controls
  • Accessory Kits
  • Replacement Parts 
When you need a warranty you can truly depend on, look for the True Blue™ warranty from Miller.
DeLille also offers a full line of 
Lincoln ® Electric and Miller ®
equipment and parts including: 

  • 20 Amps of power for competitive performance up to 1/4" in a 19.8 lb. package.
  • 20% Duty cycle at maximum output insures plenty of capacity for virtually any cutting requirement.
  • Patented PCT 20 torch and VortechTM consumables for unmatched cutting speed and capacity.
  • Automatic over-voltage protection shuts down vital components if the input voltage rises above preset levels.
  • Extremely long consumable life. 
Lincoln Pro-Cut 20 Welder
Spectrum 300 CutMate
  • Processes: Air Plasma Cutting
  • Features:
  • Diagnostic lights for quick troubleshooting 
  • Convenient front panel consumables compartment 
  • Torch airflow design allows drag cutting without a standoff
  • Controlled pilot arc allows you to cut grates, chain link fence and other perforated metals, as well as painted or coated surfaces, without retriggering the gun 
  • Exclusive postflow circuit cools consumables and torch to extend life 
  • Comes complete with: 
  • ICE-25C torch with 15 ft (4.6 m) or 25 ft (7.6 m) cable, full 1-year warranty , 15 ft (4.6 m) work cable with clamp, 10 ft (3.1 m) power cord with 115 VAC, 20 A plug 
Miller Spectrum 300 CutMate Welder
  • A 55 amp portable plasma cutting system with clean, smooth cuts on metal thickness of up to 3/4".
  • Our patented VortechTM consumables offer the highest cutting capacity and longest consumable life. 
  • The highest cutting performance of any unit in its class. 
  • User-friendly controls and performance features for high operator appeal. 
  • The patented Pro-Cut 55 features "dual winding technology" to provide a cutting arc that transfers quickly and forcefully to the work piece.
  • Lincoln Pro-Cut 55 Welder
    PAK Master XL Series

    The XL Series is a range of high performance, full cut capacity plasma cutting systems that combine the efficiency of inverter technology with rugged, portable power. The XL series is designed to work efficiently for hand cutting and automated applications. 

    The Econo-Pak™ air plasma series provides the best price for Thermal Dynamics quality in 1/4", 1/2" and 7/8" cut capacities. Standard XL Systems include: power supply with work cable and clamp, torch and leads, spare parts kit, machine torch systems include metal mounting tube, pinion assembly and remote pendant control.

    Pak Master XL Series Plasma Cutters
    Pak Master Specifications for the XL Series Plasma Cutters
    PRO-CUT 120 
    • Smooth, clean cuts on 1/4 to 1 1/4" thick metal. 
    • Preflow/afterflow timing, purge-run switch and built-in air controls are all standard.
    • Drag-Detect circuitry helps to increase consumable life if nozzle touches work at high current. 
    • Solid-state pilot duty cycle limiting which eliminates replacing fuses and reduces consumable wear.
    Lincoln Pro-Cut 120 Welder
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